dog natural health

dog natural health

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Demopex mites Q: We have a westie mid-april of the year he had a large scab on his back. we took him to the vet and he said the dog had an allergy. he gave him steroids and told us to shampoo him frequently with medicated shampoo. we noticed the condition got worse. the vet than told us to give him benadryl. still no success. he has scabs all over his body. i took him to the vet yesterday and she determined that he has demopex mites and possibley ring worm, we will not know about the ring worm for about 10 days. the vet''s course of treatment for the mites is shampooing with sulfaoxydex and conditioning with resicort daily. we also have to orally give him 40 ml of of ivomex daily. ivomex appears to be for use in cows and swine not dogs. do you think ivomex is ok for our dog. thank you!
A: Ivermectin is fine to use if dogs has demodex. usually best used daily for demodectic mange and can take a few months to heal in tough cases

Treatment/prognosis Q: Hello. our dog was recently diagnosed with a very strong positive for heartworms. i am just wanting a second opinion on treatment, dosage, duration of treatment, and prognosis. our dog is a 80 pound golden retriever. also, why is it that vets are now charging so much that it makes it virtually impossible to take a pet in without spending over $300.00 each time. i think people would be better able to care for their pets if the costs were not so outrageous.
A: I agree with you but certainly medical costs are high and insurance is a bit iffy with pets although it is available and is an option for you in future. treatment is straigtforward with drug called immiticide given as single intramuscular injections 24 hours apart. you then follow up in a few weeks with a different medicine to kill the baby heartworms

Treatment for pos. test Q: What is the difference between the immitcide given twice over 24 hours versus given microfalara given once then released to home that evening instead of staying overnight?
A: I dont see problem if ownwer wants to bring dog back next day for second treatment however dog should hvae complete cage or crate rest during treatment period

Mange/fleas Q: W hat do i g et for mainge/fleas ihave a collie and he has mainge thank you. erv tyson
A: Treatment of choice for demodectic mange in collies is once weekly to every 2 week dip with mitaban dip which is now back on market. first bathe in shampoo like oxydex shampoo before applying dip from 1800petmedsd
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