How to SpeedUp Your Computer by Some Little Tricks and Tips

How to SpeedUp Your Computer by Some Little Tricks and Tips
How to SpeedUp Your Computer by Some Little Tricks (2)
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Today we will talk about how to speedup your old PC or new Laptop or any type of computer system that getting slow down. We all now that computers are mostly get slow down after some time, when we buy that at that time it runs like a blaze, but after some time its get slow and then get slower by time, but here I will tell you how to get your speed back by just some small tricks and tips, and I will also show you some big steps that you can take if your computer get totally stuck and nothing will work.

So here we Go on.

Disk Defragmenter is one kind of system tool that rearrange the saved data in proper way. Actually when we store any data like Movies, Songs, files, images, etc. at that time all data store in hard drive in random manner, so after storing when you access that data at that time pointer have to go here to random points to make whole file so that task became little bit time consuming. Disk Defragmenter will re arrange all that data of all files in queue manner so it will be easy to access the whole file.

First of all Go to Start menu-> Accessories ->System Tool -> Disk Defragmenter, or you can direct search for Disk Defragmenter and run it.

It’s so easy to use just need to select the drive and click on Defragment Disk button as show in picture, do that on all drives one by one or you can do on all at a time.

My advice is that first deferment your Windows drive only and then after go on with all other.

You can do that once in a month but in my advice you need to Deferment your windows drive once every week, because windows derive handle most store and deletion of data, so Defragment is required for good performance.

It will clean your disk space, when you will run it, it will ask you for select the drive (mostly your temporary files are in the windows drive so select the windows drive), after that it will scan for temporary files and it will show you all the files that are non use files so you can choose which files you want to delete, the size could be vary per machine, (you don’t believe, once my total was 1.3GB) so select all and delete the files and free up some space on windows drive. You ca do it once in month it takes just a min.

As we all know mostly computer has C drive as a Windows Drive. I had seen my many friends laptop with RED C drive, please free up some space OS need some space for work, keep C drive clean and little bit free from large data, don’t store your heavy files or videos or movies in C drive, and keep it clean and free. Some time windows store some temporary files in C Drive and forget to delete that so that files you can delete by your self,

– For that you have to start run by Pressing Win+R and

– Write temp as shown in picture, after that one window will occur now delete all that files from that folder.

– This folder is simply found at C:\Windows\Temp

As I told you Keeping C drive clean and free is important point, so here I want to tell you especially that desktop is also included in C drive, cause all files of desktop is stored in C drive so don’t put large files like videos or movies or any large files on Desktop.

Here is one more point for keeping desktop clean cause after windows has been loaded, it have to initiate all the files on RAM, which are stored on desktop, so if you stored large files then obviously you speed got down, so please keep desktop clean and free of large files.

According to me on desktop only put Shortcuts, so that way you can access you files easily without storing you files there, and that will take just up to 5 kb space on disk,.

Ultimate Way (Format and Reinstall Windows)

The final and Ultimate way is Format your computer and then reinstall the windows or you can upgrade with new version. In my advice it will be much time consuming work, because you have to reinstall all the software and programs which you use often and many thing you have to reset as per your old settlement, but this method will give you 100% of your computer because all data and files has been deleted and now new ones are installed.

Main problem is that you need to know how to Format and reinstall the Windows. You can Google it.

With all this tips you can speedup your computer, if you are choosing format then all risk will be on you. There is one more way to get your old speed back, that’s my old article “Clean You PC or Laptop from dirt for Batter Performance”.

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