Dog Tick Lime Disease

Dog Tick Lime Disease

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Heartworm/flea treatments Q: If i use advantix on my dogs, can i discontinue the heartgard medication? and does advantix contain the same amount of flea prevention medication as advantage? thanks, pam lewis
A: Does contain same amount of flea med in both. you should still use once monthly heartworm prevention as even though advantix supposedly repels mosquitoes you want to use a preventative that actually kills heartworm larvae should any heartworm infected mosquitoes bite your dog
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Two treatments Q: I have recently tried using hartz flea drops on my two cats. one is a year and the other is about 3. the hartz didn''t seem to have any affect on either of my cats, and i went with advantage for the smaller one and frontline for the older one. do you think it''s alright to use these two therapies combined? i used the hartz around 3 days ago; no result. i am awaiting to use these products, because i am starting to see flea bites on myself! please help..
A: I would have washed off hartz product with good bath, since i do worry about overdosing cats
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Itching and raw skin Q: My pit bull mix (?) has terrible skin allergies. she was allergy tested 2 years ago....allergic to 36 of 42 allergens -grasses and dust mites among other things. did allergy shots for over a year, helped some but she has flare ups and scratches till she bleeds, loses hair, swollen ears. currently eating response fp by eukanuba. vet mentioned cyclosporin as an alternative to prednizone for long term use. cannot find info other than for opthamalic use. any information or suggestions? i saw a mention of atopica??
A: Atopica is cyclosporine capsules. it is a selective immunomodulator. it is used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in can get information on this on our website.

Mange/fleas Q: W hat do i g et for mainge/fleas ihave a collie and he has mainge thank you. erv tyson
A: Treatment of choice for demodectic mange in collies is once weekly to every 2 week dip with mitaban dip which is now back on market. first bathe in shampoo like oxydex shampoo before applying dip from 1800petmedsd
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Ear infections Q: I have recently switched to scoopable scat liter. i notice that my cat that is strickly an indoor cat has an ear infection. i have been treating her with an ear miticide and have seen no results. i also have noticed that she always has litter stuck inbetween her toes. could the infection be from the litter?
A: Possibly but needs vet exam otoscopic exam of ear canal and discharge for proper diagnosis and treatment

Drastic change in behavior Q: My cat had been missing for 2 months. i found a cat which i thought was my cat. he always acted different than my cat. his meow was completely different than any cat that i have heard. then i found out that this cat was declawed, when my cat was not. i let the cat out in the backyard and when i turned to leave the cat bit me. i went to the doctors, and we havent had rabies here for over 10 years. but i was reading on a website about behavior changes and i was wondering if you could tell me what this is and do i need to worry about it. and what should i do for the cat if he comes back. "if your animal becomes aggressive he may have contracted the rage. you may also detect this problem if his mewing is low and rough." thank you, katie potter
A: I would see your physician and perhaps consider the rabies treatments that he or she woudl recommend since we dont know about your stray cat. the likelihood of rabies is very small but you just want to be sure

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  2. tick, ticking - a metallic tapping sound; "he counted the ticks of the clock"
  3. calcium hydroxide, lime, slaked lime, hydrated lime, calcium hydrate, caustic lime, lime hydrate - a caustic substance produced by heating limestone
  4. disease - an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
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